Friday, April 15, 2005


292) Palookaville. So this was kind of funny and Gallo is such a total freakshow (both in the movies and real life) that I liked it. I wouldn't buy it or anything, but I'd watch it again.

292 down, 708 to go.

...the way she moves moves me... write bad poetry...

Okay, so this has been a crappy week. We've been crazy busy and I've wound up working late every night, and last night I didn't even watch anything because I was so tired after The OC that I just went straight to bed. AND I'm pissed at our mailman because I finally got Ray from Netflix and the motherfucker broke it clean in half jamming it in our mailbox. I swear that guy is the biggest jackass to ever wear a postal uniform. He makes Newman look like a gifted and dedicated civil servant. Fucker. And I was so excited to get it too because I've really been wanting to see it but it's always out at Movie Gallery and Netflix kept having it on short wait every time I was ready to get a new movie. I could strangle him. STRANGLE! Fucker. So anyway, now I've never been in a better "I don't have to be me until Monday" mood, which is totally aided by the Tracy Lords Look-a-like. I hadn't actually seen her since our last run in, but I caught her walking out this afternoon and my heart totally skipped a beat and I was breathless for a few seconds. She's so absolutely gorgeous and I must have her. Our UPS guy has decided it's now his mission to get us together and told me today she doesn't have a ring on her finger but does know that she has a pretty serious boyfriend. He seems like he's probably an ass though (i.e. the whole not helping her carry her stuff thing). So maybe there is hope.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


290) Let's Make Love. After the week I've had I'm so glad to have a Marylin Monroe picture to watch. She has to be the absolute sexiest woman to ever walk the face of the earth. Plus, MILTON BERLE! So this put me in a better mood.

291) The Brothers McMullen. Witty, charming, blah blah blah...

291 down, 709 to go.

This is simultaneously the best AND saddest idea ever.


288) Lost in Space. Are you kidding me? How does this shit get released?

289) Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War. Overly long and melodramatic. Sarah and Charity said this was huge while they were over there, kind of like the Korean Saving Private Ryan, but I wasn't too impressed.

289 down, 711 to go.

I know I've said that she's dead to me and all, but I'm still a little sad.

Monday, April 11, 2005


One of those days. Tomorrow looks to be worse. I hope I don't wake up.

287) Father of the Bride.

287 down, 723 to go.


282) Taking Lives. I bet Ethan Hawke is a total prick in real life. Anyway, I can imagine the pitch meeting for this; "Imagine Seven with less clever scripting and good acting, but more predictable twists AND Jolie's boobs and you've got it!"

283) Gothika. I should have known better. Robert Downey, Jr. is a waste of air and if I ever meet him I'm pretty sure I'll get to fullfill my life long dream of punching a celebrity right in the face. Two crappers in a row and I'm really starting to think this whole thing is probably the stupidest idea I've ever had.

284) French Kiss. Oh Meg, look how cute you used to be. Now you're just that dirty girl with the stink of Russell Crowe. Tsk tsk.

285) Ed Wood. As much as I don't really care for Depp, I can definetely say he has been wise with his choice of roles because I've wound up seeing most of his movies and usually enjoyed them. The theater reviewer in the beginning was right, too. Sarah Jessica Parker does, in fact, have a face like a horse. Anyway, despite SJP's hideous presence this was absolutely brilliant. I will own it.

286) And the Ship Sails On. I guess it was allright, but I think Fellini's social commentary is much more effective when framed in a more personal and intimate story. I got the broad allegorical groupings, but they just didn't work for me. So whatever.

286 down, 712 to go.

Bree, we need to talk. I love you. I just thought you should know.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


278) Ride the High Country. The past two weeks TCM has shown westerns I've already seen so I've been kind of antsy. I can see the whole "camraderie of men" and "lessons of manhood" theme that's always so heavy in Peckinpah's work, but I still think The Wild Bunch is far superior and would rather have watched it.

279) The Uninvited. That's the second time I've seen Ray Milland at a seance this year. Something fishy is going on...

280) Shadow of a Doubt. One more Hitchcock off the list. Pretty good, but not his best. Teresa Wright is hot though.

281) Memphis Belle. Finally finished it this morning. A little melodramatic, but it was an entertaining watch.

So not the most productive of Saturdays again. I'm trying my best to dig myself right back into a hole, so it's buckle down time this week. Anyway, we grilled some excellent catfish and played a rousing few games of Scene It (Me and Lee DOMINATED baby! Blues Brothers Donna! Blues Brothers!) and a good time was had by all. Scene It is actually a very fun game so it needs to be played more often.