Saturday, June 03, 2006

You don't say?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Someone really needs to point the Auburn fans of the world towards a competent psychiatrist (or other appropriate mental health professionals), because their inferiority complex issues are really starting to get out of hand. Since they must act out and claim our 12 national titles aren't legit to feel good about themselves, here are some more records they can try to disregard:

Iron Bowl Record: Bama leads the rivalry with a 38-31-1 record, including a 9 game win streak from '73-'81 (No reports of Bama fans or coaches sporting "Fear the OTHER Thumb" apparel, but we're classy like that).

Number of SEC Titles:
Bama - 21 (Most in the conference's history)
Auburn - 6 (6th in the conference's history)

Number of 10+ Win Seasons:
Bama - 28 (More than any other team in NCAA history)
Auburn - 10 (#32 on the list)

All Time Win Percentage:
Bama - .712 (4th)
Auburn - .627 (18th)

Bowl Appearances:
Bama - 53 (More than any other team in NCAA history)
Auburn - 32 (16th)

Bowl Wins:
Bama - 30 (More than any other team in NCAA history with a 30-20-3 record and .594 win percentage)
Auburn - 17 (#15 with a 17-13-2 record and .562 win percentage)

The only thing Auburn can claim they have more of is Heisman Trophy winners (two, Pat Sullivan, QB, and Bo Jackson, RB), but I would like to counter that neither one went on to wear a Super Bowl ring while three Bama QBs (Starr, Namath, Stabler) have.

Obviously not Pat Sullivan's hand...
After discussing with Nico how my dad had predicted a 5-6 season for the Vols last year, I decided to go back and see how well he did with his other pre-season predictions and again learned that the old man is pretty smart, even if he did have a team winning on their own schedule and losing on an opponents a few times...

Western Division:
- Dad's prediction: 11-0
- Regular Season Record: 9-2
Wrong on LSU and Auburn

- Dad's prediction: 7-4
- Regular Season Record: 9-2
Wrong on Bama and UGA (though he picked AU to win on UGA's schedule...)

- Dad's prediction: 7-4
- Regular Season Record: 4-7
Wrong on Vandy, Auburn, South Carolina

- Dad's prediction: 8-3
- Regular Season Record: 10-1
Wrong on Bama and Florida (though he picked LSU to beat the Gators on Florida's schedule...)

Ole Miss
- Dad's prediction: 4-7
- Regular Season Record: 3-8
Didn't make any specific game predictions, but probably figured they'd beat Vandy...

Miss. State
- Dad's prediction: 3-8
- Regular Season Record: 3-8
Correct all around

Eastern Division:
- Dad's prediction: 8-3
- Regular Season Record: 8-3
Correct all around (though he had Florida beating LSU on their schedule...)

- Dad's prediction: 9-2
- Regular Season Record: 9-2
Correct all around (though he picked UGA to win on Auburn's schedule...)

- Dad's prediction: 5-6
- Regular Season Record: 3-8
No specific predictions...

South Carolina
- Dad's prediction: 4-7
- Regular Season Record: 7-4
No specific predictions...

- Dad's prediction: 5-6
- Regular Season Record: 5-6
Correct total, but wrong on UAB and Vandy

- Dad's prediction: 2-9
- Regular Season Record: 5-6
No specific predictions...

So out of 12 teams, he correctly picked the regular season record of four, was within one game on another, and two games on two more. Not bad, considering he was doing it off of a promotional poster with all of the SEC schedules sent to us in the mail before fall practice had even started.

The old man: Singer, songwriter, and football psychic...
Frustration, thy name is Charter Communications...

Keeping young couples free from conversation since 1847!

The Girl messaged me at work yesterday afternoon around 4ish wanting to know if my cable was out or if she just couldn't figure out the many different remotes I have scattered across my apartment, so I called Charter and they claimed that they were aware of a problem in my area and that it should be fixed momentarily, and here it is, 10:45 AM the next day and I'm still without cable or internet. So instead of watching a four episode block of The Office last night, we were forced to do coupley things like go to dinner, hold a conversation, express both an interest and desire to share each other's company, and other assorted foolishness that God never intended (which is why he gave us digital cable in the first place). I actually had a post going about my old man and how he's pretty good at predicting how the SEC will turn out each pre-season, so if my internet is working tonight I'll post that up for you. In the meantime, head over to ArmchairGM for some YouTube sports video goodness. I'm partial to the Road Rage, Redefined" clip myself.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nico goes off and makes himself a real official like Bama Blog, and it's looking good so far. Go check it out for a preview of the Bama/Hawaii season opener and other assorted Tide tidbits.
X-Men: The Last Stand

In two words, misspent potential. In more than two words, there was just too much going on here. After the phoenix tease at the end of X2, I was both expecting and excited about the next sequel being an update of the Dark Phoenix Saga. Obviously there wouldn't be any trips to the moon for our heroes this time around, but the idea that the power of The Phoenix was something Jean already possessed and that Professor X had placed mental blocks in Jean's mind to control it was a perfectly suitable explanation for the sudden power she would emerge with after her "death." And that's about all that works in this movie.

To begin with, there are two (three if you count the danger room sequence that mirrors some of the action in the Days of Future Past story arc) plots working in this movie that should have been pictures in and of themselves. The possibility of the X-Men taking on a suddenly powerful and malevolent Jean Grey practically requires it's own movie. Instead it's given short shrift as we watch her stand around looking tormented and vaguely bored for an hour and a half while the script tries to shoehorn in a second plot concerning a "cure" for mutants and Magneto's desire to destroy it. This, too, could have been a movie in and of itself. I always enjoyed the comic book because it routinely addressed social issues like prejudice and racism in it's pages, and were the "cure" plot fleshed out more it could have been an excellent metaphor but was instead just a reason for Magneto to get all huffy. Seperate, they would have been incredible. Together they form an entirely anti-climactic ending to what has so far been an excellent franchise. I'm not entirely certain if the "stunning" deaths and changes of several key characters (I won't spoil it for you, but I'm sure you'll figure it out) really do signal an end to the franchise or not since, like soap opera characters, mutants never really die, but from what I've heard this is all the X we get and it was a severely dissapointing end for me. Special mention must be made, however, of the casting of Kelsey Grammer as The Beast. This is probably the most inspired casting choice I've seen in awhile (who knew Frasier could be an action hero?) and he plays him perfectly.

If there is an X4, I demand Halle Berry wear the mohawk!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

And the 1000 Movies in 1 Year Official Tough Sumbitch of the DayTM award goes to Michael Rubin of Coral Springs, FL, who leaped onto an alligator and began beating it with his bare hands in order to free his dog from the gator's jaws.

...meanwhile in Massachusetts, Ben Affleck heads to the hospital because he has a migraine, and also because he is a lame, sissy, fancy lad.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Nico and I headed up to Hayden, AL on Saturday for The Acoustic Cafe's annual bluegrass get together and I have a few artists to recommend:

- The Lovell Sisters: The future of bluegrass, right here. Probably the best musicians there, these girls blew everyone else off the stage.

- Brennen Leigh: The absolute highlight of the day for me. Even though she was accompanied solely by her own mandolin and brother on guitar, her selection of original songs and older standards was dead on and I wish she had had more time to perform.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Paris Hilton Meets Rockers Uptown...

The most terrifying sight you'll see all week...