Friday, May 05, 2006

A book meme...

1 - Grab the nearest book.

2 - Open the book to page 123.

3 - Find the fifth sentence.

4 - Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what’s actually next to you.

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: Complete and Unabridged in One Volume

The dreadful punishment of this sin: There went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them, v. 2.

You know those new Nissan Pathfinder commercials that are all "Tell Better Stories," and the newest one where they take a trip and they only take left turns? How did they end up in all those crazy places? After the 3rd left turn they'd just be right back where they started from...

UPDATE - I looked for the commercial on Youtube, and found something way better:

Number of rare eye fungus cases increases, despite the impending cancellation of That 70's Show.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

One more martyr post:

Mark Levin shares my sentiments in his And Another Thing... column.

In defense of making martyrs...

While Nico makes the argument that he'd rather see Moussaoui rot in jail than make him a martyr, I just can't go along with it. I can see the martyr argument having weight in some cases, but when dealing with terrorists it doesn't wash. They hate us because we aren't them. They long for our destruction with religious zeal, not because we support Isreal or because they had bad childhoods or any other radical Islam apologist reason you can come up with, but because it is their fervent desire to restore the caliphate and bring the world under the rule of shari'a and our way of life just doesn't gibe with that. They want to kill us because our continuation is an affront to their beliefs. Executing Moussaoui or any other captured terrorist isn't going to make them want to kill us more.

As for his being a martyr or being locked in prison, which sounds like the better strategy in keeping terrorist organizations from recruiting:

If we executed Moussaoui: You can engage in jihad, but if you get caught you will be executed by the infidel in shame rather than dieing in combat for Allah and slaying the unbeliever wherever you may find him.

We don't execute him: Americans are weak and haven't the stomach to execute a man who is their sworn enemy even though he stood before them and expressed his desire to kill them. Bin Laden already likened us to a paper tiger after the withdrawal from Somalia...

Having a martyr isn't going to make them hate us any extra. Exhibit A.
On today's episode of "The Bachelor Life," our hero shows his tender side by buying The Girl flowers...then reverts to his bachelordom by having nothing but beer glasses to put them in and leaving them to wither and rot for two weeks.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lions and People Must Learn to Get Along, Experts Say. Lions respond with a chuckle, promise to "totally play nice." In unrelated news, same experts recommend the Palestinians and Israelis shake hands, go for coffee.
Charles Barkley says has lost $10M gambling, mostly by betting against the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Nationals were due!
US jury orders life in prison for Moussaoui, again reminds our enemies that we lack the will to prosecute the war on terror.

Moussaoui, as he was led out of the courtroom after the 15-minute hearing, said: "America, you lost. I won." He clapped his hands as he was escorted away.

This is why we need military tribunals.
On today's episode of "The Bachelor Life," our hero has his breakfast in the shower.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

That seems kind of counterproductive...

Consider yourself warned:

Monday, May 01, 2006

I sure hope this guy isn't running on name recognition...

NFL Draft Thoughts

The Girl was here this weekend, so that's why I'm a little late with this. Anyway, here are some thoughts on draft choices for my team (Pittsburgh) and the teams I typically keep up with (Titans, Falcons, Cowboys, and Green Bay).

Pittsburgh Steelers:

Round 1 - Pick 25 (25th Overall) Santonio Holmes (Ohio State) SE
I really wanted to see either Demeco Ryans (because linebacker isn't as deep as they need it to be and because, well, duh) or Lendale White (with the Bus retired and Staley's continued effectiveness questionable, a power runner like White to compliment the speed of Willie Parker would have been nice) here, but with Randle El's move to Washington and their choice of TE Heath Miller in last year's draft to make up for Plaxico Burress's move to the Giants, receiver is a priority in Pittsburgh.

Round 3 - Pick 19 (83rd Overall) Anthony Smith (Syracuse) S
Wasted pick if you ask me. He could come on, but he played on a piss poor team, didn't show well at the combine, and doesn't look like he's really capable of knuckling up and playing the physical style of defense the Steelers play.

Round 3 - Pick 31 (95th Overall) Willie Reid (Florida State) WR
Will more than likely be used to fill the gap left by Randle El as a kick returner on special teams.

Round 4 - Pick 34 (131st Overall) Willie Colon (Hofstra) OG
I'm always leery of picks from D1AA schools. Somehow I doubt the defenses of the Atlantic 10 really prepared Colon to be a lineman in the NFL.

Round 4 - Pick 36 (133rd Overall) Orien Harris (Miami) DT
I like this pick. Hopefully he can come on and contribute early.

Round 5 - Pick 32 (164th Overall) Omar Jacobs (Bowling Green) QB
This one has me scratching my head. On the one hand, we've had success converting college QBs to receivers with both Randle El and Ward, but I don't see Omar as a receiver. They could be trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice by taking another MAC QB, but he played in a pass heavy offense and the last time Pittsburgh went pass happy with Tommy Maddox...

Round 5 - Pick 35 (167th Overall) Charles Davis (Purdue) TE
Heath Miller can teach this kid a thing or two.

Round 6 - Pick 32 (201st Overall) Marvin Philip (Californiiiiiaaaaa!!!) C
Another developmental case.

Round 7 - Pick 32 (240th Overall) Cedric Humes (Va. Tech) TB
Will probably be converted to FB and split times with Haynes on 3rd downs.

Here are the 12 undrafted free agents signed by Pittsburgh, including one Anthony Madison from Alabama. One more reason to pull for Pittsburgh.

Tennessee Titans:
I'm not going as in depth with these teams, but just a few thoughts.

Vince Young (1st Round, 3rd pick overall, Texas)? I really don't think he's ready for a pro-style offense. I would have assumed Norm Chow would have had some say in this pick and why he didn't take his protege from USC is beyond me. Leinart would have been a much better pick to replace McNair (who will more than likely be wearing a Ravens jersey next season). He knows Chow and his style of offense already and has played in a more traditional offense than Young. Either Fisher and his staff are on their way out and Young is a "building for the future" pick, or they feel like they can mold him into a new McNair and keep on keeping on with the mobile QB.
Lendale White (2nd Round, 45th pick overall, Southern Cal) should help out immediately and allow the Titans to get back to running the ball like they haven't since the Eddie George glory days. All draft picks here.

Atlanta Falcons:

Taking Jimmy Williams (2nd Round, 37th pick overall, Va. Tech) and Jerious Norwood (3rd round, 79th pick overall, Mississippi State) with their first two choices were good moves. Williams should help out in very shakey secondary and Norwood should see playing time as a kick returner and as a backup to Dunn. I really think Norwood can develop into a quality NFL back if given the time and tutelage. All draft picks here.

Dallas Cowboys:
With the signing of T.O. I was ready to give up on Dallas again, but there's still that old sentimentality there.

Bobby Carpenter (1st Round, 18th pick overall, tOSU) and Skyler Green (4th Round, 125th pick overall, LSU) stand out here. They took Demarcus Ware with their 1st pick in the last draft and he immediately improved their defense, so taking another quality linebacker that should make an instant impact (especially considering the 3-4 Parcells favors) seems smart. Skyler Green could be of immediate assistance on special teams, but will need to hit the weight room to really come on as an NFL receiver. All draft picks here.

Green Bay Packers:
Green Bay has so many needs there's just no reason in trying to guess their reasoning behind certain selections. A.J. Hawk should make an impact immediately on a terrible defense, and signing Charles Woodson as a free agent should provide help for at least this season before he starts causing trouble. Colledge (Boise State) and Spitz (Louisville) should help shore up an offensive line that made Bama's seem like a group of All-Americans, and their experience playing for teams with pass heavy offenses should give them an edge. Otherwise the only thing that jumps out at me is their drafting of a D1AA quarterback. Yeah, they can develop him, but with Favre back for at least one more season and Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines, taking a QB project on instead of going after some of the better defensive players still left on the board doesn't make a lot of sense. All draft picks here.

One more observation: Why did Houston take a defensive end as the #1 overall pick? Yeah, Mario Williams is a badass, but if a DE has a standout season as a rookie then that means he maybe gets a sack a game while, oh, I don't know, Reggie Bush has a standout rookie season and runs for over 1000 yards and actually gets some points on the board for the Texans. Just doesn't make sense. I would have understood if they had taken D'Brickashaw Ferguson over Bush since they need some O-line help as well, but the choice of a DE just blows my mind.