Thursday, October 06, 2005

When the routine bites hard...

...and ambitions are low...

- Why is Bama off this weekend? I need Tide football!

- Robin's in town so she's coming over in a little while to watch The OC. I need to be watching movies but I just can't bring myself to right now.

- My head is freaking killing me. All week long with the headaches...

- I've been listening to Joy Division a lot lately for some reason. I used to HATE them, but I was visiting Robin in Atlanta while 24 Hour Party People was still in the theaters and she wanted to go see it and told me it was like a history of rave culture in England so I thought it was going to be a documentary and was like "sure, whatever" cause I secretly like techno and dance music even though the thought of me dancing would be enough to kill anyone who knows me with laughter. Anyway, once it got started and Joy Division came in I was pissed cause, like I said, I HATED them, but the movie was so good that I kind of looked past it and bought it on DVD and now I'm actually into them after having seen it several times. Curse the British New Wave!

- Can you really put "Hummer" and "Pole" in the same headline?

- I'm not Catholic and don't ever really intend to be, but I think I'm going to run for Pope. I hear he gets all kinds of free stuff.

Update: Turns out there is no OC tonight. I hate baseball.


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