Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nico has a pick 'em game going over on his blog, and I fully intend to own it. Here are the first weeks games and my picks and rationales:

Texas - North Texas: Texas. Duh.

Ohio State - Northern Illinois: Ohio State. Again, duh. Some upset minded folks might go with the Huskies on this one (and being a Bama fan, we unfortunately know about the spoiling powers of Northern Illinois), but that's a serious stretch.

Tennessee - California: I grappled with this, because I don't want the Vols to win, but I also don't want Cal to win, so I'm going with UT on this one. First off, after the fiasco of last season and the relative calm of the offseason I think the Vols should rebound enough to win this one at home. Second, as much as I hate those damn dirty hillbillies, the one thing I hate more is a bunch of damn dirty hippies, especially if they're a bunch of damn dirty Pac-10 hippies. I mean, at least the hillbillies have moonshine to brag about, all the hippies can claim are a bunch of chicks with hairy pits. Let's just say I'm going with the SEC, not the Vols.

West Virginia - Marshall: Marshall isn't the Marshall of Bob Pruett anymore, though they do have a movie in the works, so I'm not looking at them to shock anyone. West Va it is.

Alabama - Hawaii: Another trendy pick for the upset minded, but Bama's defense won't be as weak as everyone thinks (We lose 7 starters on defense and suddenly we're patsies while tOSU loses 7 starters on defense and are national title contenders. Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown!) with Robinson a returning starter and Castille having seen plenty of game time last season. With the strength in the line instead of at linebacker this year, the pass rush will be greater and the secondary is still strong enough to contain the Hawaii offense. Ask Mike Leach how passing against Bama worked out for him.

Florida - Southern Miss: You know, I have a weird soft spot for Southern Miss. They own UAB and have been a sort of rival for Bama, but something about those plucky little Golden Eagles makes me want to root for them whenever they aren't play my teams. Even though I picked Florida, I'll be pulling for them. Plus, Southern tends to be pretty solid on defense and I wouldn't be surprised to see them sack Leak a bunch of times. At which point I will laaaauuuuggghhhhhhh.....

Like that, but without some chick throwing stuff at me...unless I'm lucky...

Oklahoma - UAB: Yeah, I picked the Blazers. Mostly homerism, but if there's a legit chance of a preseason hyped BCS team getting upset in week one by a mid-major it's OU. All you Sooner faithful can thank Bomar later.

Auburn - Washington State: I went with State on this one, not out of hatred for AU but because, if recent history is any indicator, preseason hype + an opener against a BCS opponent = tough times for the Teagles.

Bred for it's skills in magic...

Ga Tech - Notre Dame: I'm going with the Irish here. The Jackets have spoiled some seasons lately but I think they'll save their improbable wins for later on this time around.

LSU - La Lafayette: LSU by a mile.

Arkansas - USC: The Hogs get vengeance as the defense enters Reggie Herring's second year as co-ordinator and actually, you know, stops someone.

Miami - Florida State: I'm going with Miami, just 'cause they're due.


Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

The Chinatown reference was solid, but you should know the thing on the nets these days is, "Oh, well. Snakes on a Plane."

4:27 PM  
Blogger Todd Jones said...

didn't you see the "old man" post?

7:22 PM  

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