Sunday, August 20, 2006

In part nine of the ten part "Celebrity Ass I'm Reasonably Certain I Could Kick" series we have Justin Timberlake. JT recently had some disparaging remarks about Birmingham's own Taylor Hicks and the south in general:

“People think he looks so normal, and he’s so sweet and he’s so earnest, but he can’t carry a tune in a bucket,” Timberlake told Fashion Rocks, a supplement of Vanity Fair. Timberlake also thinks that Hicks’ fame is fragile. “If [Hicks] has any skeletons whatsoever, if God forbid, he’s gay, and if all these people in Mississippi who voted for him are like [then he takes on a thick southern accent], ‘Oh my god, I voted for a queer!’ It’s just too much pressure.”

You know what, Timberlake? God forbid you should ever set foot in the Magic City where I'd be more than willing to live up to the intolerant and violent stereotype you have in your head.

Instead of subjecting you to an eyeful of that douche and a slightly amusing though highly obvious caption, here's Jessica Alba. You're welcome.


Blogger Nico said...

Weird. Isn't he from Tennessee?

2:18 AM  

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