Monday, August 21, 2006

With classes starting tomorrow, UAB wrapped up two a days with a somewhat bizarre practice this morning. Though Watson didn't dress and play QB in an effort to motivate his offense, he did have the members of the team swap jerseys with a teammate and, on the last play of practice, had them line up in the position of the number they were wearing, resulting in WR Norris Drinkard lining up under center and handing off to left tackle Cornelius Rogers who gained 8 yards before fumbling the ball. Explains Brown:

"It was just something they (the players) wanted to do," said Brown. "I had a little fun with it there at the end. It also proved to them that coaching does matter. You saw what happened when we tried to let them play a position that they've never lined up at."

"I knew what would happen," said Brown. "I didn't have to go but one play."

Here's hoping Watson doesn't get any bright ideas about teaching lessons during a real game.


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