Monday, August 21, 2006

Some special YouTubery for Van, the only guy I know who prefers Kiss without the makeup.

When Kiss gets involved, the nights aren't just crazy. Nope. They're not even crazy crazy. Hell, even calling them crazy crazy crazy would be doing them a disservice. 'Cause trust me people, whenever Paul Stanley is around, you're in for some crazy crazy crazy crazy nights.

It's good to know that when the revolution comes and we're all busy scavenging for food and shelter, portions of the post-apocolyptic war zone will be filled with feral, she-beast inhabited bars to service Paul Stanley.

Not only was this a down period for Kiss musically, it was also apparently a rough patch for the group in groupie quality.

I never thought I'd say Kiss overdid something, but they really took the whole "Animalize" theme seriously, didn't they?

There's just one thing money can't buy...a dinosaur!

Even Gene looks kind of sensitive in this one.

Only Paul could make begging your ex-girlfriend for sex sound rocking.

And here's a reward for you if you sat through all the 80s Kiss.


Blogger breadchick said...

Oh the stories I could tell you about backstage. Like the time a 5'3" roadie/guitar tech beat the crap out of Gene Simmons and everyone had to pull him off before any real damage was done. Then there was the time one of the guys fell through the hole in the stage left by the rising drum stage. Oh the joys of a real rock n roll roadshow. These clips were great btw. Brought back good memories of some really funny times in the 80s while doing the "road thang".

9:06 PM  

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