Sunday, July 09, 2006

Since Charter Communications is of the devil, this is the first time I've had cable or internet since Friday night. One step closer to getting satellite...

Do they sell these at Radio Shack?

Here's some more randomness:

- Are girls getting taller? During the height of my no cable induced boredom yesterday I found myself wandering around various malls and shopping centers and noticed that nearly every younger looking girl I saw was taller than me. Now, I'm only 5'11" so I don't suppose that's a big achievement on their part, but going through school it was considered a rarity for a girl to be taller than the average guy so it was very strange seeing a bunch of tall girls paired off with shorter guys. Thank goodness The Girl is only 5'1" and I can still rest my chin on the top of her head when she's wearing her highest of heels, or I'd have some serious short guy syndrome.

- Nico has a screenshot of Bryan-Denny from NCAA 2007 that looks pretty bad ass. 9 more days...

- Also releasing later this month is the first full length from Silversun Pickups. Here's their video for Kissing Families from the EP Pikul.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Chick Bass Player=Awesome.

- Here's an interesting article on how our brains can only focus on three items at once unless they are similarly colored and how it relates to our ability to watch sports.

- Newest idiotic obsession: Yogurt. I've never liked yogurt until four days ago when I decided to eat one at my parent's house and since then have been craving it.

- There seems to be a strange trend in the hallway smells. Early morning is urine, late evening is weed. Are they getting high over there and then stumbling through the wrong door to pee while everyone else is asleep?


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