Sunday, July 02, 2006

Nacho Libre

Star Jack Black and co-writer Mike White (it just struck me that they are Black and White) are the guys responsible for the so funny you forget they're really just sweet kid's movies School of Rock and Orange County, but in this Napolean Dynamite director Jared Hess is in full control. Much like that "no story to speak of, but by God it's hilarious" gem, Nacho Libre is very short on actual story or plotline. Black is a friar in a small orphanage in Mexico, stuck in the kitchen with no money for fresh food and constantly dreaming of something greater. He takes up lucha libre after seeing a luchador being treated like royalty in town and uses the money he makes to buy better food for the kids. That's about it. But for nearly two hours, the cast of walking sight gags (his partner, a filthy vagrant, repeatedly has clumps of hair ripped from his scalp in the ring, and after the first such incident looks in the mirror and exclaims in all seriousness "I'm hideous!") led by Black were enough to keep me entertained. It's a simple movie, just like Dynamite, and now a day later I don't remember a whole lot about it (The Girl and I sat trying to remember what it was that cracked us up so much for several minutes earlier tonight), but that's really it's beauty and why, just like Dynamite, I'll be able to watch it twenty more times and still find a new favorite part each time.


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