Friday, February 10, 2006

In the recent day, I have been faced with some unforeseen circumstances that have turned my life upside down. After much soul searching, prayer, and consultation with the staff and players, I have decided that my time as head coach of the UAB Blazers has come to an end. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead my alma mater to three consecutive top ten finishes, three consecutive conference titles, and one national title, as well as having coached so many fine athletes, including one Heisman finalist and one Heisman winner. As I go west, like so many other pioneers before me, to assume the head coaching position for the New Mexico Lobos I will remember these past three seasons as a high point in my life. I wish my successor luck in the coming season, and wish to tell my players, my family, that I will miss them and will continue to be their biggest fan. Thank you, and God bless.


Blogger Nicole said...


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Blogger Chris Jones said...

Why the Lobos? The challenge of turning nothing into something? I seemed to recall you having some better offers than that. I remember that feeling: After leading the Memphis Tigers to 7 consecutive National Championships, shattering Bud Wilkinson's record for longest winning streak (something like 157 wins in a row or so) and watching with pleasure as the SEC booted Vanderbilt to make room for us I left to take over the Harvard Crimson as they had decided to move up to Division 1-A (this is NCAA 2004). We won the Big East my first year, then I got bored with the thing and quit playing.

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Blogger Todd Jones said...

well, i didn't actually get "offered" the new mexico job, i just quit the uab dynasty and started a new one. i took new mexico cause i wanted to either own the mwc or wac cause the likelihood of the computer scheduling bama was far less out there. i started off the season with a 77-14 prison shower raping of UNLV and played a half against missouri but get bored every time and quit.

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Blogger Chris Jones said...

yeah.....the second dynasty's always harder to get into. btw you do know the Lobos were the first D-1 head coahing stop for good ol'Fran don't you? He was actually there 6 years and pretty successful (by UNM standards). He's still held in pretty high regard out there, actually. I must admit I was a little surprised to see a Bama boy take fran's sloppy seconds.

4:23 PM  
Blogger Todd Jones said...

i actually did not know that ol' dirty fran coached the lobos, my knowledge of him only goes back to his stint at TCU. i picked the lobos cause i thought "lobos" was a pretty cool mascot and because i seem to recall their having a girl place kicker at some point, but i could be wrong about that.

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