Wednesday, February 08, 2006

- Note to self: Sports talk is your friend. That Ray Price CD you saw on your shelf and thought "hey, haven't listened to that in a while!" is not.

- If I had felt like it I might have said something about the Super Bowl Sunday night or Monday morning, but I was just glad for a Steelers victory and wasn't in the mood to comment on the officiating or the suddenly conservative Pittsburgh game plan. And since I'm kind of late to the game now there's nothing I can say that hasn't been said about a million times over.

There's a "Nicole Loves Troy" joke in here somewhere, I'm just too lazy to find it...

- Undeclared isn't all that funny. I got the first disc from Netflix over the weekend and thought the first few episodes were pretty good so I made a brief return to the compulsive spender days and bought the whole set instead of waiting for the rest of the discs to show up. Not a good idea. For one thing, the fourth disc is all bonus material so I was quite disappointed when I put it in the player only to find that there weren't any more episodes. I could have definitely waited on Netflix for that. And secondly, it's just not that funny. I get the feeling Apatow was going for another Freaks and Geeks but Fox made him drop the drama and focus on the comedy, not really getting that the comedy can only carry a show so far, it's the drama that keeps people watching. Seinfeld is the only recent comedy I can think of that was able to carry on solely on laughs. Look at Friends; it had the Ross and Rachel "will they get together/are they going to break up/are they going to get back together" storyline through the entire run of the show. Without that (and the subsequent Monica/Chandler romance) it probably wouldn't have lasted so long, no matter how funny it was. So anyway, if you want to rent Undeclared, fine, it's got a few laughs, but don't waste your money by buying it like I did.

- The Office is my reason to breathe. Seriously. I loved the BBC series when I watched those, but I can't get over how funny the American one is. Maybe it's just the ethnocentrist in me, but I've watched the American 1st season four times in one week while I've tried to watch the BBC one again and can't get past the first episode. To prove just how sad I am, I got incredibly excited last night when they showed a commercial for it during Scrubs and then completely crashed when I realized yesterday was only Tuesday and it would be two more days before I got another fix.

- Possibly good news: Newsradio's 3rd Season is scheduled for release on Feb. 28th. I say it's possibly good because the first two seasons were scheduled for release last February and then were mysteriously held for a few more months the week before they were supposed to ship. I thought the release had been cancelled until I stumbled over it in Target one night and then did a little dance in the DVD aisle. So fingers crossed.


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