Sunday, December 11, 2005


927) White Man's Burden. If you are going to make a message movie, you should probably make sure the movie doesn't suck so people will remember the message. Also I thought it was kind of extra racist, like I get the whole "see how you like it, whitey" thing and how the characters would pretty much have to be stereotypes, but they made Travolta into the absolute worst stereotype possible so instead of it coming off as "here's a good man who isn't allowed to live up to his potential and do the things he wants to for his family because of the color of his skin" it comes off as "here's this guy that screws his life up after thinks don't go his way and ostensibly it's because his skin is the wrong color, but really it's just that he's a screw up and blames it on racism and makes everything worse." So whatever.

928) Kansas City Confidential. Excellent, but Lee Van Cleef seems wrong outside of westerns.

929) Last of the Badmen. Western = Good.

930) Sin Noticias de Dios. Weird little Spanish movie that was kind of silly at times, but still fun to watch.

931) Coffee and Cigarettes. Absolutely ridiculous. Should have ended on the Bill Murray high note, but that still wouldn't have made it worth sitting through. HATE.

932) Gaucho Serenade. Gene Autry = Good.

932 down, 68 to go.


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