Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Birmingham News has an article up about new starting receiver Willie Edwards. Edwards moved into the starting role when Norris Drinkard moved over to the Z position formerly occupied by the injured Nick Coon. What's interesting, and what I didn't know, was that Edwards suffered a concussion against Florida State in '04 and was hospitalized after suffering a seizure in the locker room the next week after the Memphis win.

"There was a time I had to learn how to walk again," Edwards said. "I was on serious medication. I couldn't really go back to school and I had to always keep my head still. I had to walk around with a brace on my neck."

After working his way back onto the field, he suffered another seizure in '05 against Troy, costing him another season. He attributes that seizure to stress from family issues and school, but it still caused he and the coaches to doubt whether he'd ever play again. But now he's back and starting, and hopefully he can remain healthy and get the opportunity to play up to his potential.


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