Wednesday, March 01, 2006

One Saturday Night Behind the Variety Playhouse...

I was looking at Don's blog and noticed two things:

1. He refers to me as "Dangerous Todd Jones." Heh.
2. He has a myspace page with mp3s of his awesome folk stylings.

Go to the myspace page and check out some of his music. He's the folkiest.

P.S. Don, I just imported Postcards From Ghost Town into itunes and think you should put Hey Dave Matthews up for the people to hear. It's a classic.

It's true, I did.


Blogger Chapel Hillbilly said...

Awww shucks mang! Yer the swellest!

LOTS of great times back there behind Variety Playhouse eh? Moe, Leftover Salmon, fighting yuppies calling each other "meanie" after the Diana Krall show! THAT, my friend, was classic!

Did I ever send you my newest CD? If not, kick me and I'll get you a copy. E-mail me yer addy again!

5:31 AM  

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