Sunday, February 26, 2006

Actor Don Knotts Dead at 81

It's a sad day here at 1000 Movies in 1 Year. The only other time I've felt genuine sadness over a celebrity death was Phil Hartman, and just like then I really do feel a profound sense of loss. There is no telling how many countless hour I've spent over the course of my life watching Andy Griffith. It's on at least five times a day and on three different channels here and was one of those shows that my parents would let me stay up the extra half hour to watch when I was a kid. Even now if I see that it's on I'll flip over to see which episode is playing.

More dangerous with a single bullet in his pocket than any other man on Earth.


Blogger breadchick said...

MBH and I were sad as well. We love the Andy Griffith show and it was sad to think that Barney had gone to that big jailhouse in the sky with Floyd the barber, Aunt Bee, and Otis the town drunk.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Chris Jones said...

I saw his one man show at the BJCC Concert Hall in '96 and it was one fo the most moving things I've ever seen. He talked about how they'd be in the middle of filming a scene and Andy would decide it wasn't funny enough and say "Don, go make this funny!" and he'd go off in the corner with a pen and the script and then it'd be funny. Every time.

10:34 AM  

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