Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

This is really what all the fuss was about? Really? Cause, wow. Talk about not living up to some hype. First off, you wanna talk boring? Cause this shit was BOR. ING. The cinematography was great. That's some pretty country up there and Lee used the backgrounds well, but at a certain point if you've seen Heath Ledger ride a horse through one stream you've seen him ride a horse through them all, so let's get on with the story. Second, it’s just not that great of a story to get on with. Love denied? Really? More like gay lust denied. Replace Jake with Maggie and it stops being about how “society” keeps people from practicing the love that dare not speak its name and starts being about two people that can’t seem to stop cheating on their respective spouses because they’re too busy heading to the mountains to get it on. I really don’t get the love angle at all. Maybe you can make the case that Jake was in love with Heath, but he makes a comment near the end to the effect that it isn’t Heath he needs, it’s the gay sex. That’s why he goes to Mexico. That’s why he hooks up with his gay ranch neighbor. Same thing for Heath: During the first love scene between him and Michelle Williams he turns savage, flipping her over and growling, like he did with Jake on the mountain. He hates Jake because he hates gays, but he’s the only one that indulges him in his sexual needs instead of just taking it out of wifely duty. Besides a couple of bloody shirts (which, ew) there's not a thing in the whole movie to hint at anything deeper than two guys who like the man love. So yeah, didn’t like it at all.

At least I got to see Ella's boobs...


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