Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm in Oxford, hanging out at The Girl's apartment, so here's something fun while she gets ready:

30 Sports Things To Do Before You Turn 30 (w/ the ones I've done in bold)

1. See the Kentucky Derby. Been to several. It's not as exciting as you'd think.
2. Catch a foul ball.
3. Hole a shot from the fairway.
4. Attend a NASCAR event - You just need to, trust me.
5. Attend a draft - Preferably the NBA or NFL (the other two major sports aren't nearly as entertaining, and if you attend the WNBA draft, don't tell anyone. Ever).
6. Hit the trifecta. I'm assuming this means betting on horses, in which case I've hit pretty much every bet there is (save the Pick 6). Picking up my dad's bad habits finally pays off!
7. Win a title. In anything. It doesn't matter what.
8-10. Witness three championships in person. However you want to break that down.
11. Bowl above a 200 (in one game). It was at the crazy Montevallo lanes with the too short alleys, though.
12. Compete in a triathlon. Marathons take way too much training, and 5K's are too easy. But entering one of the many mini-triathlons that take place over the course of a year is the perfect combination of achievement-without-having-to-completely-alter-your-lifestyle. A reasonably healthy person can, with some basic training, finish a quarter-mile swim, 10-mile bike ride, and 5k run without collapsing at the end like the guy in the Gatorade commercial.
13-15. Witness late game heroics. These are impossible to plan for, so you just have to see enough games to cover your bases here (no pun intended). Put a buzzer-beater in basketball, last-second FG or touchdown in football, and a walk-off home run at the top of your list. A sudden-death goal in hockey is also acceptable.
16. Other baseball abnormalities. Again, nothing you can prepare for, but catching a no-hitter, an unassisted triple play, or a player hitting for the cycle are all worthy feats to aspire to see with your own two eyes.
17. Beat Mike Tyson. Not literally, but in video game form. Punch Out, baby!
18. Shoot par at Frisbee golf.
19. Win an NCAA Tournament pool.
20. Correctly predict the Final Four.
21. Win a fantasy league(Twice).
22. Win a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament.
23. Become the best of everyone you know at something. Best t-shirt printer you'll ever see, bitch.
24. Score a hat trick.
25. See one of the great rivalries in person. Bama/Auburn, Bama/UT.
26. Gamble on sports in Vegas.
27. See a World Cup, or World Cup Qualifier.
28. Visit the various Halls of Fame. If you make it to the Baseball HOF in Cooperstown, NY, I recommend checking out the Broadcaster's Wing. Everyone inducted has a nice picture of themselves in coat and tie, looking professional, except for Harry Caray, who is pictured shirtless and in mid-yell. I kid you not.
29. Spend a weekend celebrating the holiday of college football.
30. See a fight. Take this to mean anything you want. Boxing is probably the easiest to plan for, but if your luck is good, try to catch a bench-clearing brawl in baseball or basketball. Hockey fights can be great too, but they happen too frequently to qualify here. Bonus points if the fight takes place in a rec league or (even better) charity softball game. Saw a bench clearer at the Hoover Met. I don't remember who the Barons were playing, but it's one of the few times I've ever enjoyed baseball.


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