Monday, September 04, 2006

Pick 'em results for week one (my picks in bold): 8 of 12

Texas - North Texas: Correct

Ohio State - Northern Illinois: Correct

Tennessee - California: Correct, and I've never felt worse about being right in my whole life. I propose that UT games shouldn't be allowed anymore so I won't have to hope they win anymore.

West Virginia - Marshall: Correct

Alabama - Hawaii: Correct

Florida - Southern Miss: Correct

Oklahoma - UAB: Wrong. Damnit.

Auburn - Washington State: Wrong. I didn't think the Cougars had much of a shot, but I always get upset minded in the first week and the Teagles typically put up a sub par performance in the opener. Oh well.

Ga Tech - Notre Dame: Correct

LSU - La Lafayette: Correct

Arkansas - USC: Wrong. I'm really surprised they took such a beating, too. Maybe Herring isn't the defensive genius everyone thinks he is.

Miami - Florida State: Wrong.


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