Friday, September 01, 2006

I don't mind you coming here, and wasting all my time...

The season finally started last night, and I remembered why I don't particularly care for the NFL pre-season. After the initial excitement of having football to watch wore off, I was nearly bored to tears by the ineptitude of both South Carolina and Mississippi State, so much so that I went to Wal-Mart to buy soap at the half and took my sweet ass time getting back. Even though the game was boring and I really couldn't come up with a rooting interest (well, State is in the Western Division, but The Girl goes to Ole Miss so I can't really pull for their rival, so I guess I should pull for South Carolina, but pulling for Spurrier isn't really an option cause, duh, and Croom did play for Bama, but then he talked shit about us, but both my teams play State this year and it would be nice if they had a decent record when we beat see my point), it was important because it was finally the proof that college football is actually back, and that tomorrow night the Tide kicks off to open their season and the world starts making sense again. 32 hours, 24 minutes...

I guess you're just what I needed


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