Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blazer Names to Know: #10 Chris Williams

Last but not least, we have #10 Chris Williams. Williams has waited patiently for his chance to start since he redshirted in 2002, serving as backup to Darrell Hackney and briefly starting during the 2003 season after Hack broke his thumb against TCU. Fortunately one of those starts was against Georgia where the Blazers pushed UGA the entire game and came within three points of pulling the upset. During that season he went 37 of 90 for 607 yards and 3 TDs in seven games (though only 3 starts). He saw no action in 2004 and very little in 2005 (played in three games he only threw three times, hitting all three including an 11 yd TD pass in the win over Rice) as a healthy Hackney again took control of the offense. With Hackney gone Williams gets the nod as starter for the OU opener because of his previous experience and seniority, though Watson has repeatedly confirmed that Sam Hunt will probably be in as early as the second offensive series.

Thats the end of my look at the Blazers squad before kickoff Saturday. Here are a couple of hagiographies of HC Watson Brown and OC Pat Sullivan, though I don't know if Sullivan can really be called the OC since Watson does all the play calling, coaches the QBs, and pretty much tells the former Heisman winner to do whatever he doesn't want to, like say coach the running backs (which really makes a ton of sense since he won the Heisman while QB at Auburn, though maybe going to Auburn actually explains why he doesn't seem to have enough sense to not let a former Vandy QB push him around. Nevermind...).


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