Wednesday, August 09, 2006

UAB went through it's first practice with pads today, despite heat on the field topping 90 for the sixth straight day, and word is the receivers are stepping up to make some plays:

"I think our wide receivers are getting better and I saw that today," Brown said. "Courtney Smith made some plays today and Nick Coon is just having a fantastic preseason. Our whole wide receiving corp is playing much better than what we saw in the spring."

Hopefully the real life Nick Coon doesn't perform like his NCAA '07 counterpart and fumble every ball he catches if a defensive back even looks in his direction. I already cursed the paint off the walls in my apartment once...

He cost me the virtual UGA game, let's hope he makes up for it for reals...


Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Glen Coffee fumbles quite a bit, too. Unfortunately, he has a better rating than Jimmy Johns.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Todd Jones said...

My Bama dynasty was pure domination the entire season except for the Florida game. That was a shoot out and I almost lost when they drove to the 1 yard line with 20 seconds left in the game and decided to throw for the winning TD instead of powering it in like any sane SEC team would have done and we intercepted it (I can't remember who caught it, Simpson maybe). The rest of the games were embarassingly easy (and, mirroring the '99 season I met Florida again in the SEC championship game and murdered them) including the 42-0 shutout in the BCS Title game against West VA.

The UAB dynasty, however, was the most frustrated I've ever been in my life. I got by Oklahoma 20-10, whipped ECU, lost to UGA 16-13 in overtime because I fumbled on the goal line FOUR TIMES and Nick Coon fumbled in OT to give the ball back to UGA who kicked a field goal to win it, and then every other game was either total domination or having to win on a come from behind drive in the 4th.

10:23 AM  

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