Monday, August 07, 2006

JP Sports, we hardly knew ye...

ClayNation has an ode to the departed Jefferson Pilot Sports broadcasts up (via EDSBS), and #4 on his list of memorable moments caught my eye:

4. Dave Rowe. Dave Neal and Dave Baker. Say hello to the two announcers and sideline reporter for JP. Yep, all three have the same name. If you haven't experienced this announcing triumvirate of tomfoolery, consider yourself fortunate. Just imagine, it's like having three Bob Davie's calling one game. And the Dave humor. My God, if one more joke was made about them all sharing the name Dave, I felt like their producer was going to jump out of the broadcast booth tethered to a boom mike that was, inevitably, not working.

Dave Baker: The ears that swallowed Starkville...

Seriously, though, Saturdays just won't be the same without rolling out of bed around 11ish, stumbling to the fridge for the first Coke of the day, and flipping on the JP game while sitting on the couch in nothing but my boxers and swearing I'll take a shower at the half. Plus, flukey stuff always happened in the JP games: Run, Bo, Run!...Sly Zooking the Zooker...Vandy winning...all crazy moments of football, all brought to us by JP Sports. Here's hoping that Lincoln Financial (The LF Game just doesn't have that ring, does it?) will continue on in the fine tradition of background noise and saving us money on pay-per-view.


Blogger Nicole said...

Jefferson Pilot sports was a quintissential "welcome to the south" type moment for me. Sad that it's no more.

9:55 PM  

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