Sunday, August 06, 2006

Blazer Links for Sunday:

- An article from the Birmingham News about incoming freshmen and JUCO transfers getting immediate playing time, which includes today's Grampa Watson quote:

"The players are raving about Stanley Lykes," UAB head coach Watson Brown said. "They're saying `My gosh, coach, this guy can fly.' They say he's really good."

- Video of Watson, McSwain, and Offensive Tackle Julius Wilson at C-USA media days. Nothing much to learn here, but there are a few good highlights of Corey White and hey! Trev Alberts!

- Some quotes from UAB's media day. Apparently playing AND coaching at Vandy serves to effectively negate a coach's ability to feel the pressure to win:

"As far as I am concerned there isn't any pressure because I don't look at it that way." - Coach Watson Brown on the pressure to win

- After the first practice Friday, Watson seems impressed with three true freshmen receivers, including one Mike Jones.

Haters knock cause we on the grind and they not

- After the second day of practice, the defense is looking sharp. At least, that's what they say...


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