Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a few Steeler updates:

- Roethlisberger stopped by the Steelers' offices yesterday, "accompanied by bodyguards and wearing a hood to cover facial injuries."

Big Ben arrives to pick up his mail...

- Santonio Holmes, after his second arrest since being drafted by Pittsburgh, has issued an apology. First, why bother? No one is going to take it seriously. Second, with the incredible value Pittsburgh has gotten from it's draft picks you'd think Cowher and the front office would have learned how to sniff out a troublemaker before trading up to take him. Now Holmes could face possible disciplinary action from the NFL, up to and including suspension, that could affect his contract negotiations with Pittsburgh. It's one thing to be dumb like Big Ben and ride without a helmet, possibly ending your career and forcing the payback of millions to the organization, but it's another to start screwing up before you've even signed your contract. In Roethlisberger's case, he already had the money working for him and any money from endorsement deals wouldn't be affected. So yeah, having to give money back and not being able to play football anymore would suck, but he'd at least have something to fall back on. Holmes, however, is digging himself into a hole. After his inital arrest for disorderly conduct in Miami, Cowher stated that he had no "long term concerns," but after a second arrest he needs to think seriously about setting this kid straight, and the first step is insisting that Holmes shave off that damn Buckstache.


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