Friday, June 16, 2006

In part one of a ten part series I like to call "Celebrity Ass That I'm Reasonably Certain I Could Kicktm," I give you Bill Paxton. Described as a "...a tall rugged actor with boyish good looks and an intense demeanor..." by Yahoo! Movies, Paxton worked his way into the movie going public's collective conscious when he was cast as the bullying older brother Chet in the 80s teen classic Weird Science. He would go on to play such other memorable characters as the "Game over, man!" guy from Aliens, the guy that pissed himself in True Lies, and one of the Earp brothers (you know, the one that wasn't Kurt Russell or Sam Elliott) in Tombstone, but it was his duties as narrator/host of the James Cameron documentary Ghosts of the Abyss and the nerdy, somewhat prissy manner in which he handled them that convinced me that if I had to I could totally kick his ass.

There's no Vasquez to save you now, Paxton!


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