Wednesday, January 11, 2006


- Best: In America. Probably the sweetest "family" drama I've ever seen. The scripting and characters really carried it for me. There were a few cliched moments, but for the most part I really did care what happened to them and all of the actors carried their load with ease.

- Favorite: Walk the Line. Time to drop this one. Claudia goes back to Ole Miss Monday so we hung out and since she hadn't seen it yet and I've been itching to see it again we went last night. I'm still amazed at how they pulled off the music in this. I had just gotten to where I could take The Sun Years out of my CD player in the car and listen to something else, but once we left the theater I had to put it back in. The only sour note is that the douche bag from One Tree Hill plays the WORST Elvis I've ever seen. I know the movie is about Cash, but he's Elvis! Show the man some respect and cast someone that can play him.

- Worst: Showgirls. I know a lot of people are down with this for how campy and silly it is, but it made my skin crawl. I talk a good game, but deep down I'm a pretty big prude and I seriously feel like a bad person for watching this.

- Headed out to see UAB start their conference play against Tulsa. Should be an easy win but, much like the football team, this Blazer basketball team has been known to inexplicably drop a few here and there. Further, it took several games to get things sorted out when Eddins went out last season so who knows what will happen? Fingers crossed.

- UAB 84, Tulsa 54: Looks like my worries were totally unfounded. The Blazers came out strong on defense but missed way too many open shots in the first few minutes, but once they got their rhythm they put it to a completely outmatched Tulsa. It was over with 10 to go in the first and it just got uglier and uglier from there on. I'm feeling pretty confident about a good conference run with only Houston, Memphis and a road game at UTEP to feel anxious over.


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