Tuesday, January 10, 2006


- Best: Suspicion. Suplanted To Catch a Thief as favorite Hitchcock AND favorite Grant. Grant's performance is superb in this one. He was absolutely malevolent and he conveyed more in one facial expression than most actors would have with the whole script. Definitely his finest performance. Hitchcock was also in fine form when he made this, building the suspense and tension better than in any of his other movies (with the possible exception of Notorious. When he's walking up the stairs with the glass of milk? Brilliant.) and ending on the exact right note. If you haven't seen any Hitchcock's and want to know what the fuss is all about, start with this one.

- Favorite: Ginger Snaps. Just a good, old fashioned monster movie. After the glut of post-Scream slasher pictures it's good to see this type of movie making a comeback.

- Worst: Elektra. First, why make a spin off of a movie that pretty much no one liked? Second, if even the actress playing the title character says it sucked and she only did it out of contractual obligations, then you know something is amiss.


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