Tuesday, April 19, 2005


305) MacArthur Park. This made me want to watch the first season of The Wire again so bad. Nothing too special really, but it was decent.

306) Sylvia. So Gwynnie was in the movie called The Anniversary Party where she plays, basically, herself (i.e. a dubiously talented blonde starlet trying to get parts in "serious" movies) and she's trying to get a part in Alan Cummings movie but he doesn't want her because of, well, obvious reasons. So he asks how she keeps getting roles and Jennifer Beals says it's because she gives great blowjobs (no hands!), and I really wonder if they were talking about her character or her, because there has to be some sort of sex related reason for why she keeps getting roles like this! The woman is an alumni of the "Tom Cruise No More Than Four Facial Expressions Are Required School of Acting", but she apparently skipped the course on not choosing movies that show how seriously out of your depth you are. I mean, plop her in a light romantic comedy and she's fine. Make her emote? You can't do it! I was going to say that she's not the only problem with the movie and maybe I'm being hard on her because the script really makes Plath look like nothing more than an extremely jealous woman who made the horrible decision to marry a total cad instead of the tragically ill woman that she was, but now that I think about it a decent actress probably could have brought the depth of the performance necessary to display that without words. So definetely a big fat whatever, and maybe even a little hatred.

306 down, 694 to go.

Definetely not watching One Tree Hill anymore.


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