Sunday, August 13, 2006

UAB held it's first full scrimmage today. It was scheduled for Saturday, but was moved to Sunday because of the wet weather. Some relevant points:

- Penalties seemed to be a factor:

"It looked like a first scrimmage," said Brown. "I thought it was a good solid day. The kids got after each other and played hard. We had some mistakes, too many penalties. You'd like not to see that many in a scrimmage. I'm disappointed in that and we've got to get more disciplined."

- QB Stats:

Williams - 7 of 11 for 109 yards and 1 TD
Hunt - 6 of 13 for 84 yards
Webb - 8 of 12 for 73 yards and 1 TD

Williams looks like the standout and will likely see most of the action, but Watson has been adamant about playing Hunt and possibly Webb (a redshit freshman that's essentially the QB of the future for the Blazers) throughout the season.

- RB Stats:

The four seniors saw limited duty:
Chaney - 32 yards on 8 carries (4 ypc)
Elliott - 25 yards on 5 carries (5 ypc)
White - 18 yards on 6 carries (3 ypc)
Burks - 14 yards on 5 carries (2.8 ypc)

Meanwhile junior RB Tony Shepherd looked sharpest, rushing for 37 yards on 6 carries (6.16 ypc).

- Receiving Stats:

Here's where the bad news starts. Nick Coon, after being ineffective the past two seasons due to leg injuries, left early with a shoulder injury. He had four catches for 80 yards and a touchdown before leaving. Hopefully it's nothing serious and he'll be back on the field when practice resumes tomorrow morning. Norris Drinkard pulled in three for 33 yards, true freshman Courtney Smith caught four for 23 yards, and Daddy's Boy Steven Brown caught three for 34 yards.


Blogger Claudia said...

So I see all this stuff on UAB, but what about your #1 team...the Crimson Tide? Don't they deserve your attention on the blog?

1:09 PM  
Blogger Todd Jones said...

Nico's holding down the Bama front with Roll Bama Roll, and there are plenty of Bama blogs besides, but no one is doing anything for the Blazers so even though they are my second team I want to show them that somebody loves them.

2:36 PM  

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