Thursday, July 20, 2006

In an effort to give some sort of focus to this blog (and as a coping mechanism as we near the last month before the start of the season), I'll be running down the UAB Blazers schedule and offering up my take on it and some of the players and coaches. Believe it or not I'm pretty excited about the coming season for the Blazers. Ostensibly Watson is on the hot seat after going 5-6 in what should have been a breakout season for UAB (and Darrell Hackney) with boneheaded and baffling breakdowns in the defense and special teams. Firing DC Wayne Bolt (the fattest of ALL Bolts) is a step in the right direction, and some other coaching moves have me encouraged, but when the rubber meets the road on game day there's just no telling which UAB Blazers are going to show up. Hopefully he can get us above .500 again and to a postseason appearance, but we'll just have to see.


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