Monday, March 13, 2006

- I made a half-hearted plug for Lukewarm Pizza awhile back (when I was sick with something, maybe?), so if you missed it here's another one. Read Lukewarm Pizza. He has the best fake headlines around. For example (or should I say por ejemplo?):

Cuban baseball team wondering if anyone knows a good place to rent a boat, for, you know, recreational purposes []

I rest my case.

- I bought Madden 2005 the other day cause I'm kind of tired of NCAA 2006, it was only $5.99 at EB Games, they didn't have 2006, and Gun is still like 30 bucks there. But now I think it's the most frustrating game ever and I hate playing it. Am I the only one that has problems with the kicking game? Cause I've started going for two after touchdowns since I absolutely cannot kick an extra point to save my life! I know part of it is being used to the rhythm of NCAA 2006, but I'm really starting to feel mildly stupid and it's really distracting from my enjoyment of the game. Also, I'm having all kinds of trouble with the running game, and I'm playing with The Steelers so it's not like I'm playing with a crappy O-line or weak backs. It's frustrating as all hell and so far I've only actually finished one full game, usually getting bored and frustrated after the first half and cutting it off. Maybe buying one football game to play because I'm tired of another football game wasn't such a great idea.

- I hope my death produces a distinct possibility of mayhem.


Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Yeah, Madden '06 has the same issues -- you just have to get used to it. Like they say, the NFL is different from the college (video) game. I found that you can actually pass easier in Madden, while running is a total bitch. It's just a matter of changing your style of play.

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