Tuesday, November 29, 2005


884) Jason X. Did they do the score on a Casio keyboard from Sears? So not worthy of the Friday the 13th series...

885) Metallica: Some Kind of Monster. For a 140 minute documentary it really didn't seem that long. It was really fascinating watching these guys interact with each other. I've never been a huge Metallica fan but I've respected their music because they are all obviously talented and and I get why they are so huge, but watching this made me actually respect them as people, which is something I thought I'd never do. Lars comes off as such a douche until you see him with his dad and you realize "man, look at how big of a douche his dad is, especially to him! No wonder Lars is such an ass!" and then after that you kind of look at them as real people again, not just the asshole rock stars from Metallica. There were some scenes where they seemed like a bunch of spoiled whiners but after awhile they really started to seem like a group of guys that have been through a lot together and are trying their best to keep going when they could easily walk away. I'm impressed.

885 down, 115 to go.


Blogger Chapel Hillbilly said...

Great film! My fave part is when Jason Newstead goes "You need a therapist to keep your fucking band together? LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAMEUH!

You REALLY need to watch "Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper" which just came out on DVD. It's a fantastic and typical 70's rock movie w/ a semi twisted plot and great concert footage from his '73 Billion Dollar Babies Tour!

3:50 AM  
Anonymous nico said...

I like when Robert Trujillo gets the invitation to join the band. He seems genuinely pumped to be in the band, but you've got to know he's thinking, "I will make more money in 2 months with these guys than I have made me entire career!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Todd Jones said...

trujillo is bad ass. all the other guys they showed playing with them seemed like they were just trying to play right and get a job and trujillo was acting like "i don't care if i'm in the band or not, I LOVE THIS!" plus, they offered him $1 million up front, who wouldn't be pumped?

9:26 AM  

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