Sunday, November 13, 2005


839) Mermaids. I like Bob Hoskins, but not that much. Whatever.

840) The Mystery of Rampo. One of Stranko's recomendations. It worked out pretty well, but reading subtitles always puts me to sleep so it took awhile to finish.

841) Beautiful Girls. With a title like that, I thought I'd be safe from Rosie...

841 down, 159 to go.

- Is there such a thing as a football hangover? We got back home around 12:00 and Sarah went to bed, but I stayed up fretting over every last little thing that should have gone differently. I guess it's a good sign that Bama fans aren't dejectedly resigned to another loss anymore and that, even though our offensive troubles were bound to finally catch up, we all still fully expected to win and keep winning, but it's too hard to think about. Cecil Hurt, as always, attempts to put a positive face on the loss and the end of "the dream," but we were so close to being back, to being Bama, again that the idea of this being a jumping off point to bigger and better things is a very small consolation. It's still conceivable that we can finish the season with wins over both rivals and an at large bid to a BCS bowl and looking back this will seem like a good season, but it's always the hard losses that you remember and I know I'll think about this one for a long time.

- Most disturbing revelation of the day? Some asshole got here by searching for "9 year old girls having sex movies" and I'm the first page MSN directs you to.


Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

I really like Winona Ryder, though. HOTNESS. And she even has a song:

"Winona Ryder," by The Holleycarbines. They have a song about Pensacola on the same album, actually.

8:05 PM  

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