Thursday, November 10, 2005


837) The Girl of Your Dreams. So the prisoner she decides must be saved is the good looking one that she wants to nail? Women...

837 down, 163 to go.

- I'm updating now because I'm going to go see some comedian that Charity found out about on myspace. I really should be here watching movies, but I always turn her down for those reasons when she wants me to do this kind of stuff with her and I always feel bad about it, so I decided I'd go this time. Hopefully I'll be back in time to get another one watched before I fall asleep.

Update: Just got home, and I'm glad I went. It turned out that this is a bi-weekly (or fortnightly, as our friends across the pond might say) event that a guy that I knew runs. We walked in and he immediately comes over and is like "get this guy out of here, he's not welcome!" so we talked for a few minutes and I was embarassed to not remember his name but I faked it pretty well until he asked about how I found out about the show and I had to tell him Charity did and then felt sort of obliged to introduce them and that was kind of awkward until he revealed he couldn't remember my name either so that was a relief. Anyway, every other Thursday he puts on a stand-up showcase for amateur comedians and it started off pretty rough. The first guy forgot his whole set as soon as he started (which was extra funny cause everyone else did as soon as he stopped), the second guy was one of those obnoxious comics that thinks if you squeeze in enough profanity and making fun of the handicapped people will laugh, and the third guy kept acting like we weren't laughing because we were idiots and just weren't smart enough to get it. At that point I was seriously thinking the guy from Atlanta she had heard about damn well better be good, but from then on most of the guys were funny. The headliner (Jared Harris) was there workshopping some jokes for a Comedy Central special, and you could tell a lot of it was new material he was just trying out, but for the most part he was pretty funny. I'd like to see him again when he gets a full routine fleshed out because the older stuff he was more comfortable with was hysterical, so if you're in Atlanta and you see he's appearing somewhere go check him out. Now, to bed.


Blogger Nico said...

I'm a Penelope Cruz fanatic, but I was kind of disappointed with that one.

I thought Jorge Sanz was brilliant in it though. He's a great, little known comedic actor.

9:59 PM  

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